Current Regulators Simplify the Driving of LEDs

The BCR420U and BCR421U constant current regulators provide a simple means of driving low current LED strips and panels in commercial and industrial lighting sectors. Particularly suiting those applications that benefit from the improved efficiency, flexibility and longer life offered by LEDs as an emerging lighting source.

With a low-profile DFN2020 package, these regulators are designed for 12V and 24V LED edge lighting strips giving an increased light output efficiency as they only require 1.4V supply allowing more LEDs in the string. Supporting adjustable currents from 10mA to 350mA allow for platform designs based on a single device to be used across multiple LED strip applications, considerably easing a manufacturer's qualification and supply chain.

These LED drivers also enhance system reliability, as the monolithic integration of a transistor, diodes and resistors both simplify system design and reduces component count.

Key Features

BCR420UFD and BCR421UFD are 10 to 350mA constant current regulators in the low-profile DFN2020 package.

  • DFN2020 < 0.6mm Height
  • 10 to 350mA Settable Current, 1.4 to 40V Supply Voltage
  • Negative Temperature Coefficient
  • PWM controlled dimming


  • Advertising Signage
  • Emergency Lighting Strips
  • General Lighting
  • Architectural & Decorative Lighting
  • Building Light Strips
  • Vending Machines
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