High Power 40V Buck LED Driver

The AL8843 is a hysteretic mode DC-DC step-down converter, designed for driving single or multiple series connected LEDs efficiently from a voltage source higher than the LED voltage.

The device can operate from an input supply between 4.5V and 40V and provide an externally adjustable output current up to 3A. The AL8843 integrates the power switch and a high-side output current sensing circuit, which uses an external resistor to set the nominal average output current. Dimming can be realized by applying an external control signal to the CTRL Pin. The CTRL Pin will accept either a DC voltage signal or a PWM signal.

AL8843 is available in the thermally enhanced a SO-8EP package.

Key Features

The AL8843 is a step down DC-DC converter that provides an externally adjustable output current up to 3A.

  • Integrated 40V/0.2Ω power MOSFET supports LED current up to 3A
  • Input voltage range from 4.5V to 40V
  • Dimming range from 0% to 100% for PWM dimming
  • Built-in protections against LED Short/Open, thermal overload (OTP) protections ensure for a reliable system


  • Industrial Lighting
  • Architectural Lighting