CoinPower - Lithium-Ionen Microbatteries (Button Cells)

High Capacity, safe and powerful battery solutions for mobile energy supply

Powerful and long-lasting power supply for wearables and other mobile applications with highest energy density
The high quality, light and powerful energy source with outstanding performance data.

VARTA Microbattery has provided dedicated energy solutions to major OEM companies for high-tech applications in bluetooth headsets for smart phones, notebook bridging function, body shaping and training sensors, medical and health care equipment, wireless sensor and network infrastructure and many more.
The following 6 standard configurations (3.7V) are available:

CP 7840  A3 | ø 7.8mm | Height 4mm | capazity 16mAh
CP 9440  A3 | ø 9.4mm | Height 4mm | capazity 25mAh
CP 0854  A3 | ø 8.4mm | Height 5.4mm | capazity 25mAh
CP 1254  A3 | ø 12.1mm | Height 5.4mm | capazity 60mAh
CP 1454  A3 | ø 14.1mm | Height 5.4mm | capazity 85mAh
CP 1654  A3 | ø 16.1mm | Height 5.4mm | capazity 120mAh


Key Features

  • Highest energy density
  • High discharge rate
  • Fast charging
  • Very long service life with full cycles
  • Low self-discharge
  • No memory effect
  • 0% lead, 0% mercury, 0% cadmium
  • UL approval
  • Stable product quality: Produced on highly automated production lines: Made in Germany


  • Industry 4.0 sensors
  • Bluetooth headsets
  • Smart toys
  • Smart capsules
  • Thermometer
  • Smart watches, Fitness tracker, Smart jewelry
  • Energy Harvesting
  • Hearing Aids