LED Light Pipes

An LED Light Pipe is a practical solution to conduct light from board-mounted LED(s) to the exterior, or in some cases, a photo detector. The integration of an LED Light Pipe is a cost-effective option to help eliminate many of the varied, complicated steps otherwise required to transport light from one place to another - available for LED’S with through hole or SMT mounting.

Lumex TransBrite™ Light Pipes provide:

  • Right angle and vertical packaging solutions
  • Design flexibility
  • Uniform illumination over various lengths
  • Easy installation
  • Highly efficient optical design
  • Reduced shadowing and glare

Custom specific Light Pipes for high volumes

In addition to standard product offering, Lumex can customize any light pipe to suit a specific design needs. Light pipes can be produced in either rigid or flexible constructions and can be designed to include right angle and vertical or horizontal packaging with either single or multiple pipes. Light pipes can enhance display quality and add greater flexibility to light distribution. There are a variety of options available for working around objects which can be addressed through software modelling, such as Lumex’s Ray Trace Software.

The following standard styles are available:

  • Rectangular
  • Stacked
  • Right Angle
  • Multi-Unit
  • Single-Unit
  • Vertical